Consultancy on Personal Data Protection

Legal Services within the scope of Law on the Protection of Personal Data

Supervision of the compatibility on Personal Data Protection

  • General Supervision on the compatibility
  • Supervision of the compatibility of the website

Consultancy on VERBİS Registry of Personal Data Protection

Consultancy on supervision of the compatibility of Personal Data Protection

  • Preparation of inventory
  • Forming matrix of the authority
  • Preparation of notice of  the assignment
  • Preparation of compatibility annex on Personal Data Protection
  • Data Clarification form
  • Explicit consent form
  • Personal Data Protection Policy and Procedure
  • Contracts
  • Supervision on the compatibility of the contracts
  • Supervision on the compatibility of the employment contracts
  • Declaration form on Personal Data Protection which will be received from current employees
  • Employment Application Form which is compatible with Law on the Protection of Personal Data
  • Recognisance which will be received from data transferee companies
  • Data Owner Application Form
  • Training for Employees

Details of our Services

  • Sag&Sag Law Firm examines companies that aims to be compatible with Law on the Protection of Personal Data.
  • Company will receive a notification on shortages after the first examination.
  • Companies will receive consultancy service on services that mentioned above. In this context, consultancy service includes VERBIS registry, preparation of inventory and other documents.
  • Companies will receive a special offer for technical solutions which can not be solved by themselves. If company accepts the special offer, necessary actions will be taken by our law firm.


Labor Disputes, Bringing in Compabiliance of HR System with Law

Our firm prepares; employment contracts, employment regulations, notices, notice of termination of the employment contract, request of defence, mutual rescission agreement, notice of resignation, notice of acquittance and other legal and current HR documents within the scope of our COMPABILIANCE OF HR SYSTEM WITH LAW PROGRAM with the support of our HR consultant and delivers in 3 days. In addition to that, companies will receive a training service about the usage of documents stated above and achiving the best results on possible labor disputes.


As you have heard about preventive medicine, the easiest and cheapest way of coping with diseases is taking precaution before the disease. This condition is exactly same with law. The easiest and cheapest way of wining a case is preventing filing the suit. Regulating the commercial relations with contracts and taking action in accordingly to these contracts will protect you and your interests in a possible law suit. Therefore our recommendation is regulating commercial relations with contracts that are preapared by lawyers.


We also offer training  services and seminars on general law information, mediation, employment law and HR, preparing and reviewing contracts, protection of personal datas and concordatum.