Musa Sağ

Attorney - Mediator- Trademark and Patent Attorney

Musa SAĞ is one of the founders of Sağ & Sağ Law Firm and he graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1993. He took his master degree from Istanbul University, Institute of Social Sciences in the field of public law and he received a title of specialist in public law with his thesis on 'Arrest ‘.He has more than 25 years of experience in many fields, including execution law, labor, penal, leasing, construction, consumer and trademark cases. He mainly works in the fields of corporate consultancy, mediation and trademark.

Musa Sağ received training on 'Preparation and Review of Contracts', 'Mediation', 'Expert Mediation in Labor Law'. He provides training to companies in the areas of preparation and review of contracts, concordatum and general legal information.
He is a member of the Association of 'Ground for Peace Mediation’ and 'Insurance Mediation'.

0216 346 68 46